Hong Kong

Hughes International – UK car exporters to Hong Kong

We supply new and used vehicles from our own stock or to special order based on your own specification – priced in GB Pounds.

We have also been requested to supply commercial vehicles.

As we deal directly with the manufacturer, or through authorised dealers, we can arrange everything from the specification of the vehicle to its safe delivery to Hong Kong. Dealing directly means we are able to offer customers factory fitted items, or special editions, which cannot be obtained outside the country of origin. There are two options when it comes to exports: we can order vehicles specifically to your requirements from the factory or you can choose from our stock for immediate delivery. If you’ve had a look at our stock list and can’t find what you’re looking for, we can search the factory database to match your requirements perfectly.

We can also supply fast shipping to Hong Kong using RoRo (Roll On Roll Off) and containerised shipping.