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Car Transportation by Hughes Ltd

As cars increase in value, collectability, and rarity it is becoming less desirable to put miles on them. In the event your car needs to visit a specialist cross country, be moved between properties or be taken to a photo/video shoot an increasing popular choice is car transportation. Open and covered trailers are designed to safely haul your car and reduce risk of damage to the paint through stone chips and take them from point A to B with no additional miles. With more and more companies now offering car transportation, why pick Hughes?

Experience and knowledge

For over 15 years Hughes have been transporting cars across the UK, Europe and even to the far East. We have taken some of the rarest cars to homes, photo shoots and even movie sets! We have a lot of experience moving all manner of cars.

The best trailers

Did you know Hughes has one of the first ever Brian James T6 trailers still in use? It is true! Since being added to the team, our trailer has covered over 600,000 miles! We use Brian James because we believe they provide the best trailers for the job.

The best machines

Through extensive research we pick only the best trucks to tow our trailers. In our current fleet we have fully branded Isuzu truck and an unbranded VW Amarok for customers who would prefer a subtle approach. Great for dealerships who might be outsourcing their transport needs.

For private and commercial use

Our transportation services are not just for commercial purposes. We are available to hire for private owners, commercial purposes and even working with other transport companies as added support.

Open and covered transport

We offer open trailers and covered transport. Covered transportation is a great option for owners who are looking for a bit of privacy or, who would like full protection for their pride and joy during its journey.

For more information about our services, to request a quote or to book in your car, call the team on 01202 744 777


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