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Mercedes-Benz GLB - The family car to have!

The Mercedes-Benz GLB is the first of its kind in the Mercedes line up of SUV’s. Sitting between the smaller GLA and the bigger GLC, the GLB offers a luxury subcompact SUV with 5 doors and 7 seats. Using the same sturdy wheelbase as the A class, the GLB sits in at 4.63m long. Not making it small, but not hard to park either. Sitting at over 6ft tall, I was able have the driver’s seat in my position meaning 5 adults and 2 children could travel in comfort with no disruption to drivers area. Thanks to that A class chassis, the car is relatively sturdy on the road with little body roll. Compared to the likes of Range Rover, you feel more confident taking bends.

The model shown is the Premium Plus option but most of what is seen can be found through the trim levels. Inside is a nice place to the be. The seats are solid and well built, the ambient lighting is a wow factor at night and the in-car system is easy to use and navigate. The in-car assistant is quite quirky and works surprisingly well.

Unlike others in the range the GLB comes with either a 1.3litre petrol engine or a 2litre petrol/diesel engine which have both been turbo. Both engine sizes are extremely economical. On a recent drive to Scotland we achieved an average of 40mpg from the diesel engine and had to fill up 3 times over the 1600mile journey. Like the rest of the range, you can either get this in the front wheel drive version or our recommend choice, the 4-wheel drive 4MATIC system. On the road the engine is no slouch and pulls well. For a 1 and a half tonne car with only a 2-litre engine you will be surprised how nippy it can be.

What we love about this car is it understated nature. No one will look at you and turn their nose up however, people will still think you are doing well. It is also nice that you are not going to turn up at the traffic lights and someone will pull up next to you with the bigger, better model as this range only offers a GLB 35 option and for a 7 seater, feels a bit silly to have. Like the Zafira VXR, it is not needed. We highly recommend the Mercedes-Benz GLB in 200 petrol with 4MATIC.


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