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The all new Mercedes-Benz E Class 2021

One of the most popular cars we source is the Mercedes-Benz E Class. With that premium feel and on road presence, it is easy to see why people pick the E Class as executive car of choice. Now with the new 2021 model on our forecourt and previous model here too, lets take a look at the changes.

First things first, the face. The body line has remained similar between the 3 and 5 door models however, the face has changed. The E class now features A class style headlights and an inverted grille, once again, featured on the new A Class and C Class alike. Doing this has made the new E Class look more like a beefy A Class Saloon.

The engine in this particular model is the the 2.0L petrol. Not the biggest engine but plenty of power and pickup for a car of this size. The downside to this engine choice is the options. Choosing this engine reduces the available options and finishes.

The interior features another change. Majority the same, one major change is the grille inspired steering wheel. Personally, it is ugly and ergonomically, the buttons on the steering wheel are not as present as on previous examples. That tactile feedback has gone and they blend in to much with piano gloss black finish. I would hate to see what that looks like in a year!

The virtual cockpit is still a main feature in the E class and still one of the best hand me downs from the S class. Easy to read in broad daylight and provides a premium driver experience. There is also plenty of room in rear, something we have come to expect on the 5 door E class.

Would I buy one? Yes, but that being said I wouldn't get this engine as I want options! It is an E Class after all and I would also wait for the arrival of the barnstormer which is the E63 AMG.

Looking to source a new Mercedes-Benz E Class for yourself? Contact the team at Hughes International today!


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