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Visiting the kit car legend, Tim Dutton - Amphicar Transportation

Transport can take you all over world and introduce you to unique, wonderful and inspirational people. On our latest pick up and drop off we were asked to collect an Amphicar direct from DUTTON AMPHIJEEP which is ran by legendary kit car builder, Tim Dutton.

The amphicar, originally a German conception, takes a standard car and provides it with the ability to be used on the water. Generally made from fiberglass, this car/boat can use its power train to move and navigate on land and sea. Giving it the functionality of a car but with the leisure option of a boat. No mooring required, just drive in and out.

Once a legend in the kit car world, Tim Dutton is now running DUTTON AMPHIJEEP in Little Hampton where he produces around 30, custom made Amphicars which are based on either a Suzuki Jimmny or a Ford Fiesta. The power trains from these cars are placed into a handmade, fiberglass body, which is made to order. The Jimmny version of the car is more of a leisure based model, where as the Fiesta provides an additional jet for more performance on the water. Both cars are driven by an impeller style setup.

Fiberglassed on the top floor, once finished the shells are lowered to the waters level where they can be finished and tested on the water. Owners can choose either a part build model or fully completed model. Rob, the owner of this model had requested a first from Tim. Providing the drive train, he asked Tim to complete the work up the water level so he can finish the rest himself. Including power, interior and steering, hence the man handling!

Now back in Poole, owner Rob will continue to fit and finish his own car and aims to have it in the water for next year.

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